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GAS LEAKS Natural gas alone has no smell. An unpleasant artificial odour is added to gas for safety reasons and to raise awareness of a problem. IF YOU CAN SMELL GAS NEAR ANY GAS COOKING APPLIANCE, HOT WATER SYSTEM OR ROOM HEATER, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. OFFICE 9451 8029      EMERGENCY DIRECT 0418911815 Although all gas leaks have the potential to be dangerous, small leaks may disperse into the air before they are detected. Remember all leaks start small and will eventually get bigger they never start big and get smaller!  Sometimes they are only apparent when you return home after the house has been closed up for a day. It is a good idea to have your appliance periodically tested for leaks. Other indications of a gas leak might be a higher than normal gas account. All of our routine services on gas appliances include testing for any leaks. If you have a high bill and think you have not used the gas it may just be time for your gas appliances to be serviced. All gas room heaters should be tested for leaks and serviced at least every two years. An unflued portable gas heater with incomplete combustion will release carbon monoxide ( an ordourless dangerous gas) into your room. GENERAL GAS HAS STAFF WITH YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN GAS LEAK DETECTION OUR TECHNICIANS USE HIGH QUALITY GAS LEAK DETECTORS TO FIND YOUR LEAK IN THE QUICKEST POSSIBLE TIME. Once your appliance is repaired we will pressure test your whole supply at double working pressure from the meter position to make sure no further leaks exist. WHEN ALL IS SOUND A SIGNED COMPLETION NOTICE IS SENT TO THE GAS AUTHORITY FOR THEIR RECORD OF OUR VISIT AND A COPY LEFT FOR YOUR RECORD. A COMPLIANCE BADGE IS FIXED IN THE METER BOX WITH OUR LICENCE NUMBER AND DATE OF REPAIR.
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